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The Japan Samurai
Sushi bar
Angry Volcano roll
Jessica roll
Jackpot roll
Dragon roll
Titanic roll

Roll Combination
(6pcs California Roll, 6pca Tuna Roll, 6pcs Cucumber Rill, Soup or Salad)                                    

California Roll Set
(18pcs California Roll, Soup or Salad)

Sushi Regular
(6pcs California Roll, Chef"s choice of 5pcs Nigiri, Soup and Salad)

Sashimi Combination
(3pcs Tuna,3pcs Salmon, 3pcs White Fish, Crab Stick, Soup and Salad,Steamed Rice)

Sushi & Sashimi Combination
(6pcs California Roll, Chef"s choice of 4pcs Nigirl & 5pcs Sashimi,Soup and Salad, Steamed rice)

Chirashi Lunch
(Mixed Sashimi over a bed of Sushi Rice, Soup or Salad)

Chicken Kastu
(Deep fried breaded Chicken served with a special sauce,3pcs Gyoza,Soup and Salad, Steamed Rice)

Daily Special Lunch Box
(6pcs California roll, 2pcs Gyoza, Chicken Kastu, Soup and Salad Steamed Rice)

Samurai"s Lunch Box
(2pcs Shrimp Tempura, 2pcs Gyoza, 6pcs California Roll, Chicken Kastu, Soup and Salad,Steamed Rice)

Deluxe Lunch Box
(2pcs Shrimp Tempura, 2pcs Gyoza, 6pcs California Roll,Chicken Kastu, 4pcs Nigirl, Soup and Salad, Steamed Rice)